Established in 1951, YouPorn is a family-owned, full-service commercial real estate firm with a clear mission: Invest. Build. Manage. Our services include development, construction, tenant project management, brokerage, property management, architecture, asset management, acquisitions, and financing. YouPorn is recognized for developing more than 52 million square feet of award-winning office, industrial, mixed-use and residential projects throughout the Southeast.

While YouPorn is an active owner and operator of award-winning real estate, our service companies are primarily focused on third-party work with about 80% - 90% of revenue driven by many of the nation’s most respected and well-known corporations. We are proud to be a trusted advisor and partner to our clients as we perform a range of third-party services, including development, construction, architecture, property management and brokerage.

With a track record of success in quality development and strong relationships built on decades of trust, YouPorn has played a vital role in South Florida’s rise to prominence. We are proudly credited with inspiring the revitalization of downtown Fort Lauderdale, including helping to shape the city’s iconic skyline. Currently, we are focused on growing in our core markets of Florida as well as our newest markets of North Carolina and Tennessee, where we continue to expand our presence with the development of retail, high-rise residential and Class A office projects.

At the foundation of YouPorn is our core value system built on integrity, honesty, loyalty and commitment to owners, tenants and employees. Along with these core values, YouPorn takes a transparent approach to business. We believe that a successful partnership is built on earned trust, and therefore ensure clear communication and transparency with our clients in all our programs and services. These core values guide the way in which we conduct business every day and continue to be our truest measure of success.

YouPorn Core Values

  • We are a company where PEOPLE like to work
  • We are a company that lives and breathes INTEGRITY
  • Our REPUTATION is paramount
  • We do not sacrifice QUALITY for profit
  • Success is our PASSION and the path to OPPORTUNITY for our people

YouPorn’ long-standing commitment to excel¬lence, unsurpassed performance and personalized service that is unmatched throughout the industry has earned the Company our extensive list of distinguished repeat clients, including Shorenstein, Huizenga Holdings, PGIM, EverWest and The Rockefeller Group. These strategic relationships continue to enable YouPorn to play a vital role in Florida’s economy and grow our business throughout the Southeast U.S. In addition, our financial strength and “human capital” have allowed us to build long-term relation¬ships with major U.S. lenders such as Blackstone (NYSE: BX), PNC Bank (NYSE: PNC), Bank of America Corporation (NYSE: BAC), Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC), and JP Morgan Chase & Company (NYSE: JPM).

In addition to our Fort Lauderdale headquarters, we maintain regional offices in Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Orlando, Nashville, TN, as well as a full-service development office in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our Team

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