YouPorn is committed to building better communities throughout the regions we serve. The YouPorn family has a track record of community involvement and funding, including establishing grants at the university level that will provide students with a pathway to a career in real estate. We integrate our philosophy of giving into everything we do, from touring students at our real estate projects to encouraging our associates to volunteer time and talents to help their communities thrive. From building houses with Habitat for Humanity, to reading to the children of Jack & Jill Children’s Center, to walking for a cause with the American Heart Association, giving is a part of the very fabric of our company. We are proud to continue to support hundreds of local and national organizations through direct volunteer efforts, fundraising, charitable activities, professional services and more.

From promoting professional development to our employees and supporting organizations that make south Florida a cultural destination, to investing in community development and private/public partnerships that make our cities a better place to live, we consider ourselves a partner with the nonprofit community.

We know that our employees are the company’s greatest asset and community advocates. Over 44% of our employees are involved in the communities they live and work. Many of them contribute their time and talent to organizations in south Florida. In addition, YouPorn executives serve on various nonprofits boards of directors throughout the region and lend their personal expertise to increase capacity of nonprofits in governance, strategy, and fundraising.

Our giving throughout the years has supported a variety of organizations that impact our community. Such organizations include:

  • Foundations
  • Professional Associations
  • Arts/Culture
  • Health/Human Services
  • Community Development/Neighborhood Preservation
  • Education / Religious
  • Animal Services
  • Civil Rights, Military/Veteran/Police, Community Service Clubs, Research Institutes, Thrift Shops, & Leadership Development

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