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Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Just had a conversation with a customer about the #CBD that she bought for pain. She told me it isn't doing anything for her and it cost to much. Dug a little deeper and she told me she got it from a competitor (local pharmacy), and the pharmacist seemed knowledgeable. I asked her about the product and she told me she didn't know but she was told it had 300 mg per gummy. When I researched it further and found the pharmacy and product she purchased I realized she paid 50$ for # 30 10 mg gummies, and on the packaging on the outside of the product it say's 300 mg, but it is only the total amount of CBD in the bottle...

This is one of my biggest pet peeves, almost a downright scam. Not only is she paying a ridiculously high price for a low total milligram dose of CBD (Our 900 mg/bottle -> 30 mg/#30 gummy is 29.99$), she did not receive proper counseling from the pharmacist. A good starting dose for a patient looking for pain relief is around the 30-60 mg.

At #RefreshPharmacy you don't have to worry about starting your CBD dosing totally blind and by yourself. Both of our pharmacists have worked in the New York Medical Cannabis field, and have read real research, from real studies, and are happy to walk you through dosing that we have seen work in clinical settings! Don't be duped #CBD #RefreshPharmacy

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